Sunday, January 31, 2010

Zezinho says goodbye to his race bike

this 2-stroke RD 135 was the bike he used to race in Interlagos


Never heard about this documentary!!! Looks fantastic...gotta find it for sale...

CAFE RACER 74 blog

CB500 '74 Cafe Racer project...check it out: caferacer74
Cool blog, Wilson!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tank Logos and Color Scheme

So far...I've decided to go BLACK (gloss) and vintage GOLD wheels...but which logo style will be painted on the tank...not sure yet...

Parts from EBAY

Found this cheap '74 tach for sale on ebay...perfect for the project...keep the original tach/speedo home and place only the tach on the bike.

Getting There

Carbs being cleaned, already put the Tomazellis clip-ons on it.


Jan 21st...came back and bought it...took the race kit home and spend the night staring at it. Left the bike there for carb cleaning and valve adjustment.


I've been wanting a race kit like this forever! I've never seen this kit or bike in Brazil so I couldn't believe when Zeze (Recar owner) told me that he had it and would consider selling it to me if I took the bike. The tail section is the exact original style of tail section that was on the Dick Mann 1969 Daytona road race motorcycle.
Check that badass front fender on the floor, totally custom made in aluminium, like the ones used on most race bikes of the 70's (CR's, TZ's, etc...)
The kit was only missing the fairing below:

Available at Airtech-Streamlining for $300.00...probably getting it next month.


Found this baby for sale at RECAR MOTOS on Jan 20th, 2010. A black 1973 Honda CB750K. It was parked for some days so it took a little work to her started. But it ran...took her for a spin around the block...carbs needed to be cleaned. Decided to come back the next day.

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